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This is a rich and readable chapter book for readers 7-12 years old. The tale is told from the point of view of dogs and illustrated with bold woodcut prints by the author, inspired by her studies in Oaxaca, Mexico. Violeta and her friends will capture the imagination of early readers as "los perros libres" share their adventures, infused with the wisdom and warmhearted courage of the mystical Xolo dog Jefe. With a glossary for the Spanish words and a happy ending for all the characters, Violeta: One Dog's Journey will be translated into Spanish in 2023.


One Dog's Journey
Written and Illustrated

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Perhaps best known as the owner of the plant nursery Wilder Hill Gardens, in Conway, Massachusetts, Lilian is also a visual artist. That love of form and beauty is expressed in the gardens of Wilder Hill, beautifully realized with stones, water features, sculpture, and plants. The New England winter affords time for working in 2D. When gardening chores are finished for the season, Lilian gravitates towards relief printmaking as a means of expression. Winter is also a time to explore the world and find inspiration in the culture and artists of places like Granada, Nicaragua, and Oaxaca Mexico.



While at Smith College ’09, Lilian was introduced to the Art of the Book
and printmaking under Professor Barry Moser. There she printed several limited edition broadsides and hand-bound books, drawing the text from her studies in philosophy and comparative religion. Barry Moser was kind enough to write a letter of recommendation for Lilian’s graduate studies at Yale University, in which he called her “pig-headed and good company”
While at Yale, Lilian focused her studies on the 3rd C. apocryphal texts
including the Gnostic Literature, a wisdom tradition with roots in Judaism, early Christianity, and Greek philosophy. Her studies left little time for printmaking but provided a lifetime of inspiration.





While studying the art of letterpress printing at Smith College Lilian produced a small number of limited edition, hand-bound books. The exacting technique of setting type by hand, letter by letter (upside down and backward!), allows time for focused attention on the chosen text. Queen of the Lake of Awareness is a collection of sacred poetry by women from a wide range of times and cultures.



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Lilian’s passion for gardening, order, and beauty converges in the latest building to be erected at Wilder Hill Gardens, a local plant nursery in Conway, MA.  Wilder Hill Press is a printing shop with a Charle’s Brand Etching Press at the center of the print shop/gallery. The entrance to the gallery area is framed by an 18 foot long, three-sided relief mosaic.


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