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The winter of 2019 found Lilian in Oaxaca, Mexico, working on illustrations for an illustrated children’s book, Violeta: One Dog’s Journey. In that vibrant city with an incredible history and a press on almost every corner, Lilian observed “los perros libres”, the street dogs of Oaxaca, and learned of Xolos, the mystical dogs of Mexico.


Both became crucial parts of Violeta’s origin story. Under the instruction of Federico Valdez of Cooperativa Graphica in Oaxaca, Lilian adopted the folkloric style of wood-cutting and high-relief printing that proved to be perfect for telling the story of the arduous migration of a Mexican street dog to America in the children’s book Violeta; One Dog’s Journey. The prints you see in this 2021 show are a result of that collaboration.


The real Violetta at home in Conway, MA


Lilian's Other Books


Queen of the Lake of Awareness: Poetry by Woman Mystics

A collection of sacred poetry from a wide range of times and traditions. Beautifully hand printed, illustrated with ornamentation in ‘printer’s red’, and hand-bound. Printed on Mohawk Superfine paper with a very limited number of copies are printed on hand-made paper. 


The Mind Training Slogans of Atisa’

Available in a limited edition broadside or a small book. Profound sayings of the 3rd C. Buddhist sage Atisa’, beautifully printed. 


Susan Ralph: A Brief Retrospective 

An off-set printed, handbound collection of original poetry to celebrate 50 years of life. 


The Things I Have From You: Poetry From Warmer Climates

A collection of original poetry inspired by the climate, culture, food, and most of all the people of the Americas. Not to mention the music, fruit, and rum!


Los Motivos Del Lobo: the Motives of the Wolf

Illustrations by Maise Sibbeson-Alves. Translated to the English by Noel Montoya and Lilian Jackman

A bi-lingual and hand-bound edition of Rubin Dario’s famous poem,  Los Motives del Lobo, in which he recounts the tale of St. Francis and the fierce world of Gubbio. 


Los Motivos Del Lobo: the Motives of the Wolf

Illustrations by George Patrick. Translated to the English by Noel Montoya and Lilian Jackman

A second version of Los Motives del Lobo.

Holistic Protocol for Nervous System Health by Lilian R. Jackman with Tonya Lemos

A departure from art books to be sure, the Holistic Protocol for Nervous System Health is a guide to regaining or protecting the strength and resiliency of your nervous system. Drawing on research in both western and holistic medicine and her experience as a psychiatric nurse, Lilian describes the basic principles of nervous system health including the auto-immune system. Herbalist Tonya Lemos of Blazing Star Herbal School contributes herbal remedies and treatments to nourish and strengthen the mind and body.

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