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Wilder Hill Press

Lilian’s passion for gardening, order, and beauty converges in the latest building to be erected at Wilder Hill Gardens, a local plant nursery in Conway, MA. Wilder Hill Press is a printing shop with a Charle’s Brand Etching Press at the center of the print shop/gallery. The entrance to the gallery area is framed by an 18-foot-long, three-sided relief mosaic. Composed of hundreds of hand-cut, glazed, and fired porcelain pieces, the mosaic is a glorious tangle of vivid plant forms, animals, and planets depicting the origin story of Genesis. 

The walls display framed prints both new and old series, while the tryptic cabinet soars toward the open ceilings, filled with local treasures, not to be found anywhere else. We carry nature local pottery, Lavender and Rose Geranium Hydrosols by Linda Farmer, and organic, locally made herb salts, dry fruits, and fruit preserves in season. Feel free to call anytime for open hours and availability. 


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