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Wilder Hill Press

Lilian’s passion for gardening, order, and beauty converges in the latest building to be erected at Wilder Hill Gardens, a local plant nursery in Conway, MA. Wilder Hill Press is a printing shop with a Charle’s Brand Etching Press at the center of the print shop/gallery. The entrance to the gallery area is framed by an 18-foot-long, three-sided relief mosaic. Composed of hundreds of hand-cut, glazed, and fired porcelain pieces, the mosaic is a glorious tangle of vivid plant forms, animals, and planets depicting the origin story of Genesis. 

Wilder Hill Press Gallery displays Lilian’s limited edition prints, both framed and unframed. A tryptic cabinet soars toward the open ceiling, where you will find ceramics, hand-bound books, and other local treasures.


Feel free to call or email for open hours and availability.


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